[rescue] OT: FeeCee rescue

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Tue Sep 30 07:35:08 CDT 2003

(Well, it's DEC...)

Hi rescuers,

Last night I acquired what is for a FeeCee a rather cool system. It's a
DEC motherboard of some type, with EISA and PCI slots and onboard
Adaptec Wide SCSI and Cirrus Logic graphics, and the CPUs are on
removable cards which go in a slot like a COAST SIMM slot, but about 
1.5-2x as long.

I have a CPU card with a 486dx4-100 Overdrive CPU on it, another with
what looks like a 486DX2 of some kind on it, and the interesting one: 
a CPU card with two Socket 5 sockets on it for two Pentium chips.

I've been looking around to try and find information about this, 
but since I don't know what DEC called the
"card" system I've drawn a blank. If anyone's dealt with this system and
knows stuff about it or can point me to any handy Web references, please
contact me off-list (since this isn't on-topic and I don't want to clog
the list up).

ObRescue: also got with it a Philips 12" amber-screen Hercules/MDA
monitor, VGC and boxed. Now I just need a Herc/MDA card for it - anyone
got one?



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