[rescue] Storage System with solaris...

Clayton Wheeler csw at thirdshoe.net
Tue Sep 30 01:46:24 CDT 2003

Hi Paul,

I seem to recall having to edit /kernel/drv/sd.conf to get array LUNs 
mounted in Solaris. The scsi(4) man page has more details; briefly, add 
lines like this:

name="sd" class="scsi" target=2 lun=1;
name="sd" class="scsi" target=2 lun=2;
name="sd" class="scsi" target=2 lun=3;

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 11:01 PM, Paul Hortiatis wrote:

> I have done that, that is how i initaly got solaris to see the array 
> in the
> first place. For some reason it doesn't look past the first lun.
> Paul
Clayton Wheeler
csw at thirdshoe.net

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