[rescue] Employed - Unemployed numbers on the Rescue List

H.H. justaguy at lanset.com
Mon Sep 29 21:10:56 CDT 2003

Then there is myself, who is also unemployed, but I don't post to the list
Mr. Bill got on my arse for adding a "LMAO!" to a thread as being not
for the list when there have been 57 other such posts since then and not a
word to any of them about it. Not to mention all of the dozens I've seen
beforehand and
other "off topic" shite and such.... I guess that's what I get for trying to
participate... lol j/k
Not that I am bothered by off topic stuff... Just stating the situation as
it's perceived
Anyways... I digress...... lol


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> As i anticipated, the perception on the list is just skewed because
> those who don't have jobs have more time to post to the list.  (also,
> there are those who are rather busy with work, and don't subscribe
> because they just don't have time for it, but would if they were
> unemployed and had the time.)
> -Dan Sikorski
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