[rescue] Employed - Unemployed numbers on the Rescue List

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Mon Sep 29 20:43:49 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 20:40, Brian Dunbar wrote:
> The percentage of unemployed to employed is higher than the national
> average, but this _is_ a biased poll .. Gallup I'm not.  The interpretation
> of the numbers (if any can be made) I leave to you.

As i anticipated, the perception on the list is just skewed because
those who don't have jobs have more time to post to the list.  (also,
there are those who are rather busy with work, and don't subscribe
because they just don't have time for it, but would if they were
unemployed and had the time.)

	-Dan Sikorski

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