[rescue] FS: Auspex NS 5500

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Mon Sep 29 15:32:14 CDT 2003

Those of you who have been around for a while may remember me posting about
this a couple of years ago.

I managed to acquire an Auspex NS 5500 machine with 15 drive bays, a few
binders of docs, the Auspex OS 1.6.1M software, assorted 1 and 2 GB SCSI
drives, and the dumb terminal that came with it.

This thing is currently configured to run off of 240V, but can easily be
modified for operation on dual-phase 120V.

As much as I would like to play with it, I don't have the space or the
time, and I'd really like to find this a good home.  I was talking with
a computer museum in the SF-bay area, but apparently that's fallen
through, as my recent pings have gone unreplied.

Shipping will be a bitch on this thing, as it's 7' tall and ~700 pounds
or so.  The buyer would need to arrange pickup for it and take care of
all shipping provisions.

I'm not looking to make a lot of money on this; I want it to end up in
the home of someone who will take good care of it and use it.  It's a
grand machine.  Make me an offer in private email, along with your contact
info.  I'm in the Seattle area.

Devin L. Ganger <devin at thecabal.org>
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