[rescue] Dual head Octane SI + ESI

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Mon Sep 29 05:15:44 CDT 2003

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > hinv -m?
>       PM10300MHZ Board: barcode KLB327     part 030-1355-001 rev  M

Exactly as mine, even the rev number.

>             IP30 Board: barcode KKR047     part 030-1467-001 rev  D

Mine's a 030-0887-003 rev G. :-(

>              FP1 Board: barcode KBT780     part 030-0891-003 rev  G

Newer rev than mine (rev B)

>     PWR.SPPLY.ER Board: barcode AAE0100215 part 060-0035-002 rev  A

Also newer than mine, which is a 060-0028-002 rev B.

>            MOT10 Board: barcode KGR298     part 030-1241-002 rev  J

Non-existent in mine.

>             GM10 Board: barcode GAK372     part 030-0938-003 rev  T

030-0938-003 rev S.

> Main memory size: 2048 Mbytes
> Xbow ASIC: Revision 1.4

Twice as much as mine, and I only have the 1.2 Xbow. :-(

> I checked the board revisions. This is basicly an Octane2 with ESI GFX
> instaed of VPro.

Mhm. I bet you have the "Sgi" logo too, instead of the usual "Silicon

> BTW: Thanks to Kurt Huhn for his light bar repair page. My light bar is
> now shining in bright blue. :-)

Last time I removed the front skin, I noticed one of the two bulbs have
gone black. Some day I will do this mod too. (First up is to get my
hands on some blue leds that fits my needs)


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