[rescue] mouse options for ultra2?

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Mon Sep 29 04:11:12 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 01:03, N.Miller wrote:

> Belkin also makes one to go with their KVMs that use PS/2
> keyboards; I'd expect that it might possibly work with
> other KVMs.  I *think* I still have mine (also from $JOB-1
> after I became a *manager* and had to have a PC--so I got
> a KVM), so I could check.

Yeah, when I land a job, I'll probably buy the convertor since I have a
Belkin with one free port sitting on my desk...  those things are *way*
too spendy for me right now.


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