[rescue] mouse options for ultra2?

Klaasjan Brand sunrescue at kjb.dds.nl
Mon Sep 29 03:34:16 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 10:03, N.Miller wrote:
> Which brings me to another question: they make adaptors to
> turn a PS/2 mouse into a USB mouse (Logitech included them
> with their mice in the early days of USB).

The logitech "adaptors" are nothing more than connector converters. The
mouse itself has to support both usb and ps/2 protocols (& the
converter). Connecting an old ps/2 mouse to a usb port using such a
connector is guaranteed not to work.

>  Anyone know if
> there is a critter that goes the other direction, so I could
> plug a Kinesis into my USB KVM?  That would cover all bases--
> Mac, x86, Sun.

Most new retail Logitech mice I've seen have usb->ps/2 converters but the same applies here.


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