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Michael Schiller schiller at
Sun Sep 28 17:59:58 CDT 2003

On Sunday, September 28, 2003, at 02:41  PM, Dan Sikorski wrote:
> I disagree.  I prefer the 5c and 6 to the type 5.  To me, the type 5
> feels mushy.  Solidly constructed, yes, but i don't like the key
> action.  (this may just be that all of my sun keyboards were bought
> used, and type 5's are just old and worn.)

I have noticed that the keyboards can feel much different when 'well 
used', and when new. Also, and I should have said this in my earlier 
post, keyboards, just like mice are a very subjective thing, and what 
one person likes, another might hate. But as long as you're mentioning 
all time favorites, mine is the Northgate Omnikey keyboards. I bought 
my first one back in 1989 or 90, or somewhere around there, for my 
Commodore Amiga 3000UX. One really cool thing about those keyboards was 
that you could order special Amiga keycaps, and by changing a dip 
switch it had all the proper Amiga key-codes.

Back then, being an Amiga fan, the Macintosh was the 'bad guys', so I 
didn't think much about them, but looking back, I wonder why Northgate 
didn't offer Mac keycaps/dip switch settings? I mean at any given time 
there were more Macs out there than Amigas, so this is something that I 
would think make sense.

Since using Sun computers, I've gotten used to the Type5 feel & layout, 
and even use a Happy Hacking keyboard (similar layout & feel) on the 
VT520 connected to my Suns. On my PowerMac I use an Apple Pro Keyboard, 
and must say that compared to either a Sun keyboard, or a Northgate, it 
really has a cheap feel to it (not as bad as some PC keyboards), but 
I'm getting used to it too. I have a Sun Type6 USB keyboard that I used 
on the Mac for a while, but I kind of got used to the volume keys, as 
well as the cd eject key, and as I'm not a programmer, I can't write a 
driver so the appropriate keys (as well as all the other special Sun 
keys) would work properly on a Mac, if I had that, I'd use the Sun 
keyboard, and really surprise anyone that sees my system (the monitor 
on the Mac is a Sun 19" Sony flat CRT, so if the keyboard was also a 
Sun, it would look funny seeing OSX on the screen)

Sorry for the long post, I'm tired, and I tend to ramble when tired.

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