[rescue] mouse options for ultra2?

Joshua Snyder josh at imagestream.com
Sun Sep 28 15:29:58 CDT 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Dan Sikorski wrote:

> I disagree.  I prefer the 5c and 6 to the type 5.  To me, the type 5
> feels mushy.  Solidly constructed, yes, but i don't like the key
> action.  (this may just be that all of my sun keyboards were bought
> used, and type 5's are just old and worn.)

Same here, I like the action on the 5c's better than on the normal type

> That said, after getting used to my Kinesis contoured keyboard, there is
> no other keyboard that i ever want to use full time.  It was worth every
> penny, even if i had paid retail. (which I didn't, got mine on ebay for
> $125, iirc)  I thought they had sun adaptors, but i don't see them on
> their website right now...

The ONE keyboard... I totally agree with Dan on this one.  Once you start
using these keyboards you will not want to use anything else.  I find that
I am almost twice as fast on the Kinesis keyboard than I am on other
keyboards.  They are worth spending the time to try one of these
keyboards.  If you have the money you could pick one up of these on e-bay
and if you didn't like it you could always sell it again on ebay for about
what you paid for it... they seem to go for around $100 or so...  I know
that they listed the sun option less than a month ago on the website...


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