Unemployment on the Rescue List? (was RE: [rescue] FS: SGI

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Sun Sep 28 12:50:14 CDT 2003

As I recall, 'N.Miller' wrote:
> Well, depending on the other stuff in the update, I *might*
> keep mine, but I doubt it.  This is my second B&W (battery
> died in the first one), and it has been acting flaky lately
> ("SIM not ready", not coming out of sleep w/out power off/on,
> screen getting wobbly).  I treat my tech gear much better
> than almost anyone I know, so it's not like the damned thing
> has been abused--it's just poorly made.

The B&W ones have some hardware problems.  I've returned mine
twice, but they mail me a replacement first so I've never
been without one for longer than it takes to swap the SIM card
and it doesn't cost me anything out of pocket.  The first time
the data portion stopped working and the second time the wheel 
stopped working.  I certainly wouldn't want mine outside of
warranty, so I'm getting a new color one shortly.


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