[rescue] RE: Unemployment on the Rescue List?

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Sun Sep 28 12:14:52 CDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 11:30, N.Miller wrote:
> So are the two of you "card carrying" Micro$Cert types, or did
> you manage to get your Wintel jobs without?
> (At this point I'd be more than happy with a desktop schlep-
> tech job.)

I got my job originally as an intern-type position.  I started in May
2001 and worked through august 2001, then went to school for two
semesters, and came back in June 2002.  I've been there since.  I had a
friend at a previous intern position who left the previous employer and
got a job at current employer.  Current employer was hiring, and my
friend put in a good word for me, and turned in my resume.  Had two
interviews and got a phone call with an offer about 30 minutes after the
second (both were on saturdays, as i was going to school at the time.) 
At the time i had no certs, and only have one M$ cert now.  (Employer
paid for it.)  I'm encouraged to go for more, probably MCSE, but i've
been busy enough with work that i haven't really worked that much on
getting it.

So, to answer your question, no, i had no certs when i started, but,
such is the style of my current employer. Until about a year ago, almost
none of our IT people had certifications.  (in fact, we lost our
Microsoft Certified Partner status because we had a MCSE quit (no big
loss), so since then, they've been big on making sure we have enough
certs to go around.)  Also consider that i had a friend helping me out,
and i was fresh out of college (without a bachelor's after 4 years, but
once again, none of my coworkers have degrees in anything computer
related.)  I consider myself both lucky and unlucky at the same time. 
I'm 24 years old, a college drop/fail out, and am making more than a lot
of people who graduated from the same program (of those who actually
HAVE jobs), but, i work nearly 100% with wintel.  Blessing and a curse.

And i don't know where my MCP card is right now...  I think it's stored
away in a box somewhere...

	-Dan Sikorski

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