[rescue] SCSI floppies

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Sun Sep 28 00:53:41 CDT 2003

I believe they came out of telecom equipment. They are black faceplate.
Here's the model numbers:
Drive: TEAC FD-235J
Scsi Adapter Board: FD-235JS 506  (this adds about 1/4 inch to the bottom
and about 2/3 inch to the back.

Misc Info:

"The 2.88MB drive has these specs: 2 heads, 80 cylinders, 36 sector/track,
rpm rotation, 135 tracks/inch, 90 KB/s formatted transfer rate (four times
faster than 720K drives).  The drive is downward compatible with

"The TEAC SCSI Floppies I've worked on do not 'sense' the format of
the disk in the drive. They require a 'MODE SELECT' SCSI command to
configure them to the 'desired' density."

http://www.teac.com/DSPD/pdf/3fd0010a.pdf (specs on actual drive, jumper
settings etc.)

"-VMEbus systems using the TEAC FC-1 SCSI floppy drive will see it as normal
-SCSI disk. To make identification of the drive simpler the installation
-software will create a symbolic link to the appropriate device and name
-it ``/dev/sfd0''."

The drive is equivalent to the HS series but the J denotes 2.88MB capacity.
The hard part is finding the settings for the FC-1 board, which sets the
default density for H(i)D and D(bl)D disk as sensed by the pinswitch.
Pariity, SCSI ID, etc are easy to figure out.

So, whattya think? Are these interesting beasties or what?

What would I want for trade? Hmmm....

Current projects:
Sun ultra 10 needs memory. 64 Meg just don't cut it, even if the machine was
free. :)
Any SGI box (or good start thereof)  w/ network, console capability, and
MIPS proc. (My last one went to a school that needed it/uses it more than I)
FiberChannel 'stuff'
VAXen. My 3400 and storage pedstal went poof in a fire about a year ago.
Drive brackets for the old monster 19", six 5.25 inch hard drive sun storage
Pretty much anything in the 'unusual' computer area.
Low to mid Alpha Boxes.

I've also got one oddball drive tray. It's a standard 3.5" x 1.6" tray that
would fit a standard drive bay. Has 50 pin SCSI connector. 4 pin molex on
the back, and a rotary ID selecot on the board. It then accepts a 2.5 inch
scsi drive with a 48 pin connector. 40 pins, key(missing pins), then 8 pins.
The 4 pins (guess) are 5v and ID. Currently it has a Fujitsu M2637SADrive
living in it. Manufactured by Motorola. It came out of the same systems as
the floppies. I _think_ they were VME based telecom systems.

I've got three of the floppy drives complete, and I think another one
floating about in pieces in a bocx somewhere. You DON'T want to know what
these sell for a spares! (Really, it's obnoxious!)

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> I could use these ...
> let me know what your looking for in trade?
> regards
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> > I've got a couple of Teac SCSI floppies if someone needs them. Not sure
> the
> > model number at the moment, I do remember that they go to 2.88 Meg.
> they
> > are 'regular' floppies with a scsi aapter board on a bracket that
> to
> > them.
> >
> > If anyone is interested, I'll dig them out and get model numbers/specs
> > them.
> >
> > I'm hoping to trade for ???
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