[rescue] Need some tips to start up my SGI indigo2.

Arjen Ronhaar arjen.ronhaar at planet.nl
Sat Sep 27 12:54:44 CDT 2003

Hello you all,

I just bought my first unis/irix machine, a SGI Indogo2, R4400 at 
200MHz, with a 2.1Mb systemdisk, and 96Mb of memory, runni8ng on IRIX 6.2.
I bought it from old stock at work (Pemstar) complete system for 10 Euro 
I try to bring it online now, and started to clear the old user accounts 
and file directories, so that i have little over 600Mb free disk space now.
- Would it be better to wipe all and to install the OS from scratch 
(witch i do not have on disk)?
- or just clear all that i do not need, and start installing my programs?

It is a stand allone system, not connected to a Network or Internet, so 
i have to bring on all the software down via my PC.
- Is de cd format the same for SGI and PC?
- Is the floppy format the same for SGI and PC?
- What programs do I need to make this connection work?

Finaly i have a few simple questions, being new at this.
- My mouse is near extinction, can i replace it wit just any mouse, or 
must it be a special SGI mouse? Could i use a PS/2 trackball?
- The CD is not the youngest neither, is it a standard one? Or what 
would i need to buy for a replacement, or even what kind of Burner could 
i use?
- What is the best place to look for parts, I need a floppy drive and 
they are hard to find  on eBay (USA or Germany), or even an empty 3.5" sled?

Any other tips what i should think of re-building this computer?

I will call this computer "George" after its first user, Geaorge McCain 
fromFluke, Everett WA.

Thanks for reading this,

Arjen Ronhaae

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