[rescue] A russian pdp-11??

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Sat Sep 27 00:05:22 CDT 2003

Hi Patrick,

It probably has the same power requirements as the decs,
but I'm going to translate a few more labels to make sure.

The fact that it is in very good condition means it might have
been used at the university, using u.s. power reqs.
although I'm going on the assumption it uses u.s. power
I won't plug it in till I'm sure.

It is really an almost exact duplicate of the pdp-11/23
boards in the 350. But the cpu chip is definitly different.
It is not built as sturdily as the Decs. The motherboard
is a lot more flexible, but the things like the dimensions
are identical. The drive sleds are identical to the pdp/vax's
I have.


 > Neat find!
 > One thing you can do is use the fact that Russian written language is
 > very similar to the way it is spoken.  There is not all the weirdness
 > that we have in English such as the various ways words ending in
 > "ough" can be pronounced.
 > I believe you wil be able to get quite far by using your
 > Russian-English dictionary, as you mention.
 > If you can see into the power supply you may be able to deduce what it
 > takes.  Or maybe not.
 > Are you sure it is not an Elbrus 2K ?

I wish!

Although having the only russian pdp on the block has a certain appeal.


 > --Patrick
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