[rescue] A russian pdp-11??

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Fri Sep 26 23:04:24 CDT 2003

Hi All !!

A good haul at the local University auction has netted me
a coupla Sun Ulta2's, a few vt420 monitors an IBM3151 terminal
and the neatest find in the last few months....

A russian pdp-11.
It appears to be an exact replica of a dec professional 350.
It has the same case as the decmate/ rainbow/professional series.
All the labels, everything, is in cyrillic, but it is an exact replica
of my 350, the only difference is that instead of the funky
dec dual RX50, it has two ordinary looking 51/4 floppies,
and the color is what my friend calls a soyuz silver or moscow gray,
as opposed to the dec beige/sand.
It has what appears to be a RD50/52 but it is all labeled in russian.
It even has the CTI bus cage with the cards for the drives.
On sliding the mainboard out, it is identical to my 350, except
for a few oddities, and all the chips are labeled in cyrillic!.

It dates from 1988 and seems to be in excellent condition, except for
the upper plastic cover is missing the front plate.

I was really tempted to fire it up, as it appears to have, an US style
110 power receptical. But second thoughts, made me cautious as
I'm not sure of its electrical requirements and would hate to toast the power
supply or boards as it is a bit different from the 350 in size and various

If anybody has seen one of these or has info, I'd apreciate a little help!!
In the mean time I'll did up my russian-english dictionary and
maybe try to trans-literate the cyrillic characters.


Tom Ponsford

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