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William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Fri Sep 26 16:50:09 CDT 2003

Sheldon T. Hall said ...
> Barnett-Lewis said ...
> >
> > Some days... I have a very nice Sony 15f multiscan. Synced up to my SGI
> > till I sold it. I kept it because of the IPX I'd scrounged. So I get my
> > adaptor today and lo, there isn't a single mode that the IPX's CG6 can
> > do that the 15f can sync to.
> Unless you really, really want to use the IPX for a workstation, you'll find
> that a telnet connection or serial terminal is much snappier than the
> keyboard/framebuffer.  Even X on an IPX is bearable if you're looking at it
> on something besides the console.  The IPX is still a very usable machine; I
> used one as a file/DNS/time/mail/DHCP/etc server on my home LAN for a couple
> of years.  I kept the monitor in a closet so it wouldn't warp my desk.

It's a nostalgia box. Pure for fun and no real work expected out of it.
I've got my Blade 100 for that.

I've got SunOS 4.1.4 (all patched up) on it to play with all the old
things like sunview, openwindows, and a few other bits (I have an old
lisp system I'm trying to get running but it hates my broken keyboard
(the shift doesn't work. either side)). I may eventually give up and use
it headless for something, but right now I've gotten it into my head to
get it up this way. Now if I could also get a newer version of gcc than
1.42 to compile, I'd probably be even happier. ;'>

Now, if I were a masochist, I could dig out my copy of Solaris 7 and run
CDE on it...

> -Shel

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