[rescue] Doen't it figure...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Sep 26 16:17:49 CDT 2003

 Barnett-Lewis said ...
> Some days... I have a very nice Sony 15f multiscan. Synced up to my SGI
> till I sold it. I kept it because of the IPX I'd scrounged. So I get my
> adaptor today and lo, there isn't a single mode that the IPX's CG6 can
> do that the 15f can sync to.

Unless you really, really want to use the IPX for a workstation, you'll find
that a telnet connection or serial terminal is much snappier than the
keyboard/framebuffer.  Even X on an IPX is bearable if you're looking at it
on something besides the console.  The IPX is still a very usable machine; I
used one as a file/DNS/time/mail/DHCP/etc server on my home LAN for a couple
of years.  I kept the monitor in a closet so it wouldn't warp my desk.


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