[rescue] Danger Sidekick/hiptop cellphone/pda with SSH

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Fri Sep 26 15:42:41 CDT 2003

As I recall, 'Sheldon T. Hall' wrote:
> So I figured from googling "danger sidekick", but I can't find the
> Sidekick's specs among all the marketing fluff on Danger's or T-mobile's
> sites.  I always assume that if the price is hard to find, it's too much.

>From the main page click on handhelds/PDAs and it's the second item.
The price is right next to it at $300.  I saw the B&W model anywhere
from $300 down to $0 (after rebate) so this may come down as well.

> Companies that sell tech goodies really ought to button on the front page
> that takes you directly to a page with specs and prices.  They could label
> it "Geeks click here."

That would be great.  If you want technical info, there are
discussion forums at http://www.hiptop.com with more detailed
information and user opinions.  Many of them seem to be
whinging about ringtones and "what is ssh?" but there is
still some useful info.


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