[rescue] sun rsm 2000 array

william pointon wpointon at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 26 13:59:05 CDT 2003

hello rescuers - im now in possession of about 400 lbs (it was 
estimated by someone who helped move it) of sun 56" rsm rack with ~280 
gigs of drives (6 trays of disks - 21 9.1 gig and 21 4.29 gig) and a 
fiber channel disk array controller (model 1020) mounted in it - im not 
sure of the weight but it is way too HEAVY for me to try and lift even 
part of with my munged up back - thank god for casters ---- i dont have 
an outlet free to power it at the moment since it takes 24 amps of 240 
volt juice so ill have to add another 240 circuit - and i dont even 
have any fiber interface cards in anything to talk to it - now i  just 
have to figure out what to do with it  - billp

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