[rescue] Re: Unemployment on the Rescue List?

Mike F lists at mikef.dyndns.org
Fri Sep 26 13:36:57 CDT 2003

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 12:54:09 -0500
Brian Dunbar <Brian.Dunbar at plexus.com> wrote:

> I've given up soda in the past few weeks for other reasone (vanity,
> mostly, I'm getting fat 'round the middle) and the easiest way I've
> found is to carry no loose change - it stays in the car, or at home. 
> If I've got it at work, it finds it's way into the vending machine.

The most I ever drink is one soda/pop per day, but at various times I've
stopped drinking any for about 2 weeks, and I dropped 5 pounds and
some noticeable roundness from the midsection. And I'm a pretty
skinny guy, too, so I'd imagine the effects would be even more pronounced if you're already overweight.

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