[rescue] Re: Unemployment on the Rescue List?

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Fri Sep 26 13:30:56 CDT 2003

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 12:54:09PM -0500, Brian Dunbar wrote:
> Yuck.  Got any links to the carbonation is bad for you stuff?  I can google,
> of course.

Not off the top of my head, and my wife is away today and tomorrow for a
training class.  When she gets back, I'll ask her for some pointers and
post 'em here, if folks are interested.
Devin L. Ganger <devin at thecabal.org>
"Aikido is based around the central precept of letting an attack take its
natural course.  You, of course, don't want to impede that natural flow
by being in its way." -- overheard on the PyraMOO

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