[rescue] MaxIMPACT graphics card for I2

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Sep 26 13:08:20 CDT 2003

Chris Purdy sez ...

> Does anyone have a MaxIMPACT card w/TRAM that they would be
> willing to part with?

You know it will only fit the upscale I^2s, right, mostly the purple ones

> By the way.... Why in the hell is the SGI freeware so damn hard to install
> without conflicts???? I could have installed Solaris twice in the
> amount of time it has taken me to understand and resolve the conflicts.

I have no idea, but even the IRIX install CDs have conflict problems.  I
think it's just generally a crappy design for an installer.  Since they know
what the dependencies are, why don't they just schedule the download/install
so you get the right stuff first?  "Ah-ha!  You want GCC, well, we're going
to download and install the following stuff, in order: gcc-foo-lib,
gcc-bar-lib, gcc-baz-lib, mozilla-lib, and half-the-worlds-known-libs before
we do that.  Just hold on."


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