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Fri Sep 26 11:15:51 CDT 2003

>On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 09:33.07AM -0500, Shannon wrote:
>> The problem for a lot of us is that is the only skill we have that will
>> pay the bills.

No offense but I've been doing I/T work for about a decade and a half and I'm finding a way to move on.  Don't let skills be a stopper for you.  There's always a way.  For instance if you live in CA there is better funding, from what I hear, for you to go back to school for something else.  In my case the county job training people are helping me find funding for things "in a growth industry".

>> I can't even maintain expenses and rent with most jobs that I can find.

Keep looking - there are always solutions.  Pair up with someone or get a renter on the sly.  Rescue and sell used equipment on E-pay, not the best solution in the world but it's workable.

>> Years ago, a warehouse or grocery store job would keep you fed and
>> a roof over your head.  Now people I see are having to live 3 to
>> a house if that's all the job they have.

Three to a house isn't all that bad if the house is big enough.  It may hurt but you _can_ run less computers and reduce your electric bill and conserve more.  I have to do that now.

>> Locally, our economy was already struggling, and now we've got hundreds
>> of millions of dollars in hurricane damage on top of it all.

I'm thinking there's your extra money - do re-wiring work for businesses.  Offer to set up their I/T backbone again for a small fee.

There's _always_ a solution even if we don't always see it right away.
It's the one things that keeps me from offing myself on a regular basis - I _know_ I can solve the problem.  Now that may lead me to an "Adric" situation at some point but I'm also smart enough to cut my losses.

Mike Hebel

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