[rescue] Hacking Linux since.....

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Fri Sep 26 05:33:11 CDT 2003

At the time, i was trying to get linux to work with my
Diamond Viper VLB card (a whopping 2 meg, WEITEK
P9000 card) and a proprietary Sound Blaster CDROM.

...and 5.25" boot floppies :)

Many Diamond cards were a PITA to get working at a
decent resolution and colour depth.  Back then, Diamond
was still bitching about NDAs.


On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 23:29:49 -0400
"Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net> wrote:
> And all that running on a 486DX2/66.  Had a heck of a
> time with the Diamond Stealth in it and its "custom"
> clock chip.

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