Latin quotes (was RE: Unemployment on the Rescue List? (was RE: [rescue] FS: SGI Po wer Indigo2))

Matthew Haas wedge at
Fri Sep 26 08:13:53 CDT 2003

> "Neca eos omnes.  Deus suos agnoscet."*

 Off-topic, but I am wondering if anyone is fluent in Latin, or has had
good luck with any particular translation service.

 For the distributed lab at my school (SUNY Geneseo), we are looking to
come up with a logo to put on our (currently non-existant) website, and
would like to take some random geeky saying and have it translated into
Latin (so non-computer people can say "oh, it must be cool", and we can
know what it really is and say "yes, it is cool").

 * Even if the above quote isn't Latin, I saw it and it made me remember.
In fact, if it isn't Latin, what is it?

 Matthew Haas
 Corning/Geneseo, NY

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