[rescue] 2944UW-OF?

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Fri Sep 26 03:59:15 CDT 2003

I was just today given an ultra 10. I've got a Sun MassStorage cabinet with 4
drives (Wide Diff) in one of the drive cabinets.

I've got a adaptec 2944UW, but it's got PC firmware. I found on adaptecs
website a nice manual for the Sun version (2944UW-OF for Open Firmware) that
allows all the nice ScsiSelect type of stuff as well as booting from the card.
The problem is, I can't find one of these cards, nor the firmware which I
could flash onto the card.

So, the question is, does anyone know where I could get the firmware to
'upgrade' my 2944UW to a 2944UW-OF? Even a dump of an existing firmware would
be fine for this.


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