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Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 23:28:01 CDT 2003

--- Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:

> Mine was the blue Matt Welsh book "Linux Installation and Getting 
> Started" and the early (Nov 1995) Infomagic 5 CD set which included 
> Slackware 3.0, Redhat 2.1, and a version of Debian that everyone
> tells me doesn't exist, but I did instal it (YES I have the CD's on
> my bookshelf and just checked)... it says Debian 1.0... and it was
> 1.2.13 based, but still a.out unlike the other two which were ELF
> at that point.

The Matt Welsh book was in the Public Domain, then picked up by ORA as
a formal product - others took the free version and printed it up and
sold it as a commercial product (will all appropriate attributions),
just as Matt seemingly wanted (based on his choosen distribution of the
book) - just a trivia point, nothing more...

BUT, I have an old SLS diskette set (30? diskettes), can't cite the
age, as I am away from home at the moment, as my wife just delivered
our second - a beautiful baby girl we have choosen to name Mary. Both
mother and daughter are doing great!


"I am not into examining other peoples' dumps..." - Sheldon T. Hall

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