[rescue] Need a 13w3 to vga adapter...

Joshua Snyder josh at imagestream.com
Thu Sep 25 22:52:46 CDT 2003

I know that I could easly get a 13w3/vga adapter off of ebay but I would
much rather get one from someone here if anyone has an extra adapter.
That and I would much rather have a real 13w3 to vga cable and I don't see
any of these on ebay.  So does anyone have a cable or adapter that they
would be willing to part with for some cash?


p.s. Thanks for the help in getting an idea what I should look for in an
Octane.  In the end I got a R10k at 195Mhz I did get it with 512meg of ram
because you guys pointed out that the used market for memory is as salty
as it is... thanks guys...

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