[rescue] UFS and HP9000 questions

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Sep 25 17:30:56 CDT 2003

As I recall, 'James' wrote:
> This is what I'm beginnning to fear. mount -t hpfs /dev/fd0 yeilds "hpfs not
> supported by kernel" and automount yeilds "bad superblock" after a long
> wait. I think I need to coax the machine(s) to run long enough to suck data
> off of it.

You could install hpfs support, but the hp in hpfs is "high performance"
and was a filesystem used in OS/2.  It has nothing to do with

> If I can make this happen it would be a good thing. A local company makes
> power transfer equipment and each customer got a custom firmwared
> controller. Each firmware was written to disk and saved on floppy. They
> don't want to support this product line anymore and would hand it to me if I
> can do it. The person who wrote all the stuff and supported it died. They
> don't know how he supported it in the last year or two as the HP9000 and the
> Apollo workstation haven't been running for that long. It would mean a
> trickle of income for me in tuff times if I can pull it off. It seems that
> there is a crapload of this hardware installed on private and public power
> systems (think monster vacuum-chambered arc-less pneumatic switches with
> monitoring and measuring systems and such).

I have original media (CD) for the last version of HP-UX to support
the Apollo (9.something) if you're interested.  I only still have them 
because I found them long after I gave away my Apollos.


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