[rescue] UFS and HP9000 questions

James james at jdfogg.com
Thu Sep 25 15:42:33 CDT 2003

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> Behalf Of Jochen Kunz
> > I am hoping that the diskettes would be compatible with a modern 3.5
> > in disk drive
> I don't have the model numers in my head, but AFAIK most (all?) of the
> old HP-IB 3.5" floppy drives used a very special format. (I have
> somthing about 800 kB and 600 RPM in my head.) No PeeCee will be able to
> read this. I doubt that Linux can read the filesystem either, UFS !=
> UFS...

This is what I'm beginnning to fear. mount -t hpfs /dev/fd0 yeilds "hpfs not
supported by kernel" and automount yeilds "bad superblock" after a long
wait. I think I need to coax the machine(s) to run long enough to suck data
off of it.

> Maybe you can remove the framebuffer to force the machine to serial
> console?


If I can make this happen it would be a good thing. A local company makes
power transfer equipment and each customer got a custom firmwared
controller. Each firmware was written to disk and saved on floppy. They
don't want to support this product line anymore and would hand it to me if I
can do it. The person who wrote all the stuff and supported it died. They
don't know how he supported it in the last year or two as the HP9000 and the
Apollo workstation haven't been running for that long. It would mean a
trickle of income for me in tuff times if I can pull it off. It seems that
there is a crapload of this hardware installed on private and public power
systems (think monster vacuum-chambered arc-less pneumatic switches with
monitoring and measuring systems and such).

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