[rescue] Ultra 80 sluggish/Octane

Aaron Finley arnach at arnach.com
Thu Sep 25 15:04:48 CDT 2003

I'm running Solaris 9 on a single 450 Ultra 80 with Creator 3d Series 3. 
I'm experiencing sluggish performance with firebird and GIMP and it's 
just not fast enough in general. This machine is also running mysql, 
bind, zeus, and some other stuff for a project I am working on. I had an 
SGI Indigo2 Max before, and I miss it, would I be better off going to a 
R14k 400 MXE/V6/V8 Octane for the same applications (plus better 
graphics applications on the SGI) or better off upgrading the Ultra 80 
to quad 450 and Expert3d?



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