[rescue] IBM RS/6000 7011 model 250 - Console

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No it does not just a key switch.


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On Thursday 25 September 2003 04:27 am, McWhirter,Julia wrote:
> No AIX media to boot from, I inherited them with no media CD or
> otherwise and no docs and they are supposed to already be installed
> AIX 3.?.  I just need the console/serial pin outs to see if it
> boots.

Does the 7011-250 have the three-digit LED on the front?  I can't

If so, that's the best way to diagnose one of these machines.  The
RS/6000's didn't really do a whole lot on the console during power-up
boot like a lot of other machines do.  Yeah, you'll still need a console
see if an OS actually comes up, but you can use the LED codes to
determine if
it even finds a bootable disk and the monitor early stages of AIX coming
(detecting hardware, mounting disks, etc.)  If there's a problem in the
stages, this will tell you.


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