[rescue] RS6K crossover serial cable pinout

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Thanks for this I'll try it out.

I am assuming also that the console output defaults to serial 1 or is
this configurable?

I am not that familiar with IBM kit only a 6150 from my dim and distant
passed.  The back of the R6K as you probably know has the K M and T I/O
I presume relates to keyboard, mouse and terminal (terminal for a head
if I had one I presume).

I'll let you know how I get on and thanks again


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OK, RS6000 null modem cable in *bad* ascii art:

  2 ----\/---- 2
  3 ----/\---- 3

  4 ----\/---- 4
  5 ----/\---- 5

  6 --|    |-- 6
  7 --|----|-- 7
  8 --+-\/-+-- 8
20 ----/\---- 20

23 ---------- 23

What this means is... 2 and 3 cross over. (Big surprise for a null
modem.) 4 and 5 cross over, 6 and 8 on one side connect to 20 on the
other, 7 goes straight through as does 23. Clear?

Hopefully this makes sense and works for you. It has worked for me with
a 7011 (which I can't boot, but can mess with on the serial port) and a
6611 router.

Good Luck


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