[rescue] Compaq disk array questions

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Wed Sep 24 16:59:36 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I've rescued a 3-device Compaq hot-swap cage (ex-some FeeCee server or other)
- takes 3 of the "cream with dark red handles" type of caddies - the top
one can be 1.6" height (and indeed is, after I got sick of the prices
of the 1" height versions on ePay; the cage came to me with 2x18.2GB
1" height disks in it).

My questions about this are:

1) It works OK when connected up to a machine, however neither the power
or activity LEDs on the caddies light when the drives have power or activity. 
The tiny SMD activity LEDs on the drive PCBs work fine. Are the LEDs in
the front of the caddies controlled by SCSI commands or something, and
if so, can I get them working under *N?X? /me wants my blinkenlights!

2) How should I handle termination of this unit? (It just has 68-pin
wide SCSI and Molex power connectors on the back, nothing else - no
jumpers or switches).

The only identifying mark is a Compaq Computer Corp. barcode sticker,
which says "87114". The two 1" height disks are P/N 104660-001.

TIA for any help,


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