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Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Wed Sep 24 14:16:21 CDT 2003

If you do find any Galileo docs, please share them with
the rest of us... I already have a I2/Galileo setup around
here somewhere that I wouldn't mind digging out of the
pile and reviving, especially if I could find some of
the documentation...

-acorda at 1bigred.com

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I believe NetBSD has working Indigo2 FB support. Plus, who needs a
framebuffer to do video? I capture from a console prompt on my MJPEG

I think I have some docs available to me, I'm digging them up now.

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> > I am about to come into posession of 5 Galileo video boards
> > complete with breakout boxes for a non-Impact Indigo2. If anyone
> > would like one, please send me an e-mail, you'll only need to pay
> > shipping.  
> > 
> > This message is sent to 3 lists, NetBSD, Debian, and Rescue list.
> > If anyone wants one of these to try and write a driver for
> > BSD/Linux, you will get priority... Sorry non-coders, but this
> > would benefit everyone!
> http://www.debian.org/ports/mips/:
>  Indigo 2 framebuffer are unsupported 
>  Perhaps I might suggest some other priorities before getting the 
> Galileo board 
> supported? There are also some small issues with getting the 
> documentation for 
> Galileo from SGI.. 
>   greetings,
>     Michiel
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