[rescue] Re: SGI Galileo Video

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Wed Sep 24 05:00:24 CDT 2003

> I am about to come into posession of 5 Galileo video boards complete
> with breakout boxes for a non-Impact Indigo2. If anyone would like
> one, please send me an e-mail, you'll only need to pay shipping.
> This message is sent to 3 lists, NetBSD, Debian, and Rescue list. If
> anyone wants one of these to try and write a driver for BSD/Linux,
> you will get priority... Sorry non-coders, but this would benefit
> everyone!

 Indigo 2 framebuffer are unsupported 

 Perhaps I might suggest some other priorities before getting the Galileo board 
supported? There are also some small issues with getting the documentation for 
Galileo from SGI.. 


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