[rescue] Advice on Octanes

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Tue Sep 23 14:04:11 CDT 2003

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 08:59:57PM +0200, Gerhard Lenerz wrote:

>   Well... there is one type of TRAM for SI/SSI (1/2 required) and
>   another one for SE/SSE (1/2 required). I think the only way to
>   distinguish them is their part number as the whole things are
>   covered by large flat heatsinks. Putting a TRAM module that is meant
>   for S(S)I onto an S(S)E board will kill the TRAM module.

>From both the pictures I've seen, and the modules I've seen in real
life, SE TRAMS say 37mhz TMEZZ processor on them while SI TRAMS don't.
But perhaps this isn't universal.  Perhaps there are SE TRAMS that don't
say that on them.  However, if it didn't say it, I'd be suspicious.

Driving many things too fast will kill them.

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