[rescue] Anybody want a K-Class?

Mike Johnson mike at enoch.org
Tue Sep 23 12:43:14 CDT 2003

If anyone is interested in an HP K-Class in the Raleigh-Durham area of
North Carolina -and- can pick it up by COB Friday (9/26/2003), please 
let me know.
The stats are as follows:
    HP9000 K460:
            2x180MHz CPUs
            4GB RAM
            1x2GB, 3x4GB HDD
            1x10Mbps, 2x10/100Mbps ethernet
            CDROM, DAT drives
            No OS license
            Powers up just fine
It currently has some version of HPUX 11 installed (I'm not sure what),
which was put on there to make sure everything seemed to work.  It comes
in a nice rack (the system occupies about half of the rack) and a

We're asking for best offer by someone that can actually pick it up
between now and then.  Half of the proceeds will go to the Triangle
area Linux Users Group (www.trilug.org) and the other half will go to
the local United Way's Teaming 4 Technology program (that's where the
system came from).

There's also a few HP 7xx series workstations, and three IBM with RAM
and HDD, but there's only one key (and, of course, the keys are specific
per system).  None of these have been tested, but all are free for the
taking (well, first come, first serve).  Again, they must be picked up
before COB Friday.

Mike Johnson
TriLUG Steering Committee Chair
"If life hands you lemons, YOU BLOW THOSE LEMONS TO BITS WITH 

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