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Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Mon Sep 22 17:27:52 CDT 2003

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 16:17:17 -0500 (EST)
Joshua Snyder wrote:

> I should have been more clear I was refering to prices last year... So
> a few quick questions, All Octanes can do SMP but is there anything
> that I need to know about it?  ie. I don't have to watchout for
> mainboards that don't work right... How hard is to get upgraded
> graphics?  I would like to be able to run 1600x1200 at 85Hz but I
> don't care about games.

*Some* 030-0887-xxx IP30 boards suffer from a manufacturing defect that
causes the heart chip to become de-soldered.  This basically kills the
IP30 - there's no way to fix it.  The number of affected boards is not
insignificant, but it isn't 100% either.  Mine is still going strong,
despite the fact that I thought it died a couple months ago (turned
out to be the xbow (frontplane)).

As far as 1600x1200 at 85hz - I don't think you can attain that with
SI/SSI/MXI or SE/SSE/MXE.  For that, I think you have to go to V8.  Now,
you *can* do 1600x1200 at 60hz with SSI.  Before you poo-poo that idea,
I've been running my Octane at that resolution ever since I got it, and
it's actually very easy to look at - not just easy, but a pleasure to
look at.  This is viewed on a 20" SGI monitor.

I've heard poop that the SI can do 1600x1200 at 56hz, but is painful.  I've
never experimented with that card though.

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