[rescue] Advice on Octanes

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Mon Sep 22 16:42:05 CDT 2003

> I should have been more clear I was refering to prices last year... So a
> few quick questions, All Octanes can do SMP but is there anything that I
> need to know about it?  ie. I don't have to watchout for mainboards that
> don't work right... How hard is to get upgraded graphics?  I would like
> to be able to run 1600x1200 at 85Hz but I don't care about games.
> 				josh
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All Octanes can do dual processors, BUT....

You need a specific motherboard to be able to take certain processors.

This page....


covers everything.

The 030-1467 mainboard (the newer one that takes everything) is fairly
hard to come by, Kurt and I have been looking for them for a while. Your
best bet would be to try to find a R12k 270MHz processor machine, that is
one sure way to get a 1467 (that's what I did). tecomputers had one on
eBay not long ago (I bought it now for $399).

Where are you located?


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