[rescue] Advice on Octanes

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Mon Sep 22 12:05:41 CDT 2003

Did that just last night... compiling aspell while
trying to get into OO.  A second processor
definitely would have been nice.  I really would
like to look into dual R12s some time next year....

Josh, most everyone on this list knows it's cheaper to
purchase a "complete" box than it is to try and
piece one together part by part, but this applies
doubly for the graphics options in the Octanes. 
Definitely get one that has the graphics options you
want upfront.  I ended up spending $200+ on a
single, first gen TRAM module from Reputable because i
got tired of waiting for one to show up on ebay.  

I really would recommend SSI or SSE as a minimum even
if you are not concerned with 3D capabilities, the
resolution/refresh rates for the SI/SE can quickly
become tiresome.


On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:23:29 +0200
Gerhard Lenerz <mail at g-lenerz.de> wrote:
>   For a lot of
>   applications the second CPU won't help, but it
>   makes a difference when you throw load at the
>   machine (think of compiling an application and
>   starting Open Office at the same time).

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