[rescue] Strange results on a Teal Indigo^2...

Rob Fielding rob at dsvr.net
Fri Sep 19 07:55:57 CDT 2003

Lionel Peterson wrote:
> --- Matthew Haas <wedge at lightlink.com> wrote:
>> Sometimes mine (Teal Indigo2 R4400 @ 250MHz) would go for several
>>hours before I would encounter the "BUZZ", but yeah... just tap
>>the mouse or generate some significant I/O and it returns to normal.
>> Mine was weird.. it would sometimes act up in bursts, then other
>>times go for hours without a problem.
>> I got so used to it that I developed almost a natural instinct to
>>tap the mouse.
> Is it only *real* I/O (meaning an external event, like keypress, mouse
> click, etc.) that will break the "loop"?
> Odd - and you say it is only R4400 @ 250 MHz that has this issue?

Definately seems to be so. Must be either something to do with the size of the 
cache, the speed in MHz or the heat generated as I can concur it's only 
random, can not appear for hours, and can naturally last anything between 2 
seconds to 2 minutes.

With the network client I've cobbled together, the effect is countered.

Still I use my Indy or Octane now for playing music.


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