[rescue] openboot password

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Fri Sep 19 02:50:12 CDT 2003

> If the NVRAM is socketed there is an old Jedi Sun trick. First a warning.
> If
> you do this and let the magic smoke out I will not be held responsible. I
> will also say I have done this dozens of times with no ill effect. At
> least
> not to the machines :)

Well, no smoke...

I did this and it allowed me to reset the security-mode, but when I
rebooted i found that the NVRAM is *gone* :/

I'm going to try and reprogram it, but I'll probably need a new one since
this one is probably low on battery anyway.  Looks like they can be had
for about $10 online.

I notice that after the NVRAM invalid error I get a the OK prompt, but it
won't allow me to input via console.  Am I going to have to plug in a
keyboard and buy a VGA monitor adaptor to reprogram the NVRAM?


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