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Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Thu Sep 18 20:06:49 CDT 2003

If the NVRAM is socketed there is an old Jedi Sun trick. First a warning. If
you do this and let the magic smoke out I will not be held responsible. I
will also say I have done this dozens of times with no ill effect. At least
not to the machines :)

First, let the machine power up. Stop it from trying to boot or anything
else with the normal 'stop A' DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE yet.

Then remove the NVRAM (yes while powered on). Once removed press n for new
command. This should put you at the ok prompt.

Return NVRAM to socket, making sure it is oriented correctly.

Then change the security settings I think the command is 'setenv


Mike N
> On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 17:34, Mike Nicewonger wrote:
> > There is. Do a Google and you will see.
> I did. so far...
> Sun managers had some stuff along with others.  Seems like my options
> are:
> 1. Get a new PROM.
> 2. Boot a Solaris disk from another Ultra2 (does it have to be? I have a
> Ultra1).
> 3. Use the eeprom command to make the change.
> What a pain. I guess I'll have to swap a disk, install Solaris on the
> U1, then swap it back.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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