[rescue] Strange results on a Teal Indigo^2...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 17:59:04 CDT 2003

--- Matthew Haas <wedge at lightlink.com> wrote:
>  Sometimes mine (Teal Indigo2 R4400 @ 250MHz) would go for several
> hours before I would encounter the "BUZZ", but yeah... just tap
> the mouse or generate some significant I/O and it returns to normal.
>  Mine was weird.. it would sometimes act up in bursts, then other
> times go for hours without a problem.
>  I got so used to it that I developed almost a natural instinct to
> tap the mouse.

Is it only *real* I/O (meaning an external event, like keypress, mouse
click, etc.) that will break the "loop"?

Odd - and you say it is only R4400 @ 250 MHz that has this issue?


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