[rescue] PCI Ethernet card for Origin 200?

Simeon Johnston simeonuj at eetc.com
Thu Sep 18 15:05:12 CDT 2003

I'm trying to find an ethernet card for an Origin 200.
I did find the Gigabit card (PCI-GIGENET-C) but everywhere I've looked
it's pretty expensive.

What I'm trying to do -
The Origin200 at work is being used as an OPI (Helios) and
Appletalk/Samba fileserver.  On our network is an old NT4 box that is
being used to control an automated CD writer (2 4xCD-R's).  It's a
Rimage brand writer if you were wondering.
We don't have the new software and can't upgrade that system beyond NT4.
A sweet, juicy NT4 machine just begging to be infected with the next
virus/worm/whatever.  And since M$ will stop updating/supporting NT4 in
the very near future...

SO - since all that machine needs to do is connect to our Origin I'm
trying to get a second PCI ethernet card and basically setup a 1-1
network between them.

The gigabit card would work for this also since I can use that as the
main connection between the SGI and the rest of the network.  Since we
do have a few GB ports open it might even improve things.
Except it's expensive.  Not worth it if there's a plain 10/100 card that
can be gotten for cheap/er.
We would also need to upgrade to IRIX 6.5.7 to use the Gigabit card.
More money since we only have the disks for 6.5.3 and no service
contract.  I also don't want to even mess with the OS and maybe break
Helios.  We don't have any way of updating that either.

OK.. That was a bit much when all I need to know is if there's a 10/100
PCI ethernet card that works in the Origin 200 w/ Irix 6.5.3?
Unless you have some other bright ideas regarding the situation...

Actually, if the price for a 10/100 card or GB card + OS exceeds $600 it
would be cheaper to get another Origin200 + craylink cable off egay.


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