[rescue] Strange results on a Teal Indigo^2...

rob rob at dsvr.net
Thu Sep 18 06:29:05 CDT 2003

Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just stuffed 12x 32 Meg SIMMs into my Teal Indigo^2, and while the
> boot messages in the console show only 96 megs of RAM (the old amount),
> the System Manager GUI tool (and 'top') all show the 384 Meg I have
> installed...
> Why is that - anyone have a guess?

The prom is sometimes misleading. It said my Indy R5 180 was something 
else when I first booted it. Scared me half to death, but sanity 
prevails in IRIX.

> Also, the additional RAM makes this box (an R4400 @ 250 MHz) a much
> nicer machine ;^) I got the SIMMs from ComputerSurplusOutlet.com for
> about $5/SIMM...

Yeah. It's a pitty you can do the 128MB SIMM trick like you can with the 
R10K based I2.

On the subject of your R4400 at 250, do you get a timeout/buz when left 
playing tunes (mp3 or CDs) ?

I do on my Impact, and have a page setup which describes my solution. 
I'm just interested to know if you get it on an Teal I2.




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