[rescue] IPX woes

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Wed Sep 17 19:45:31 CDT 2003

Ok, I got the bug the other day and managed to snarf a condition unknown
IPX for $5 on Ebay. It arrived on the BWT tonight and I sit down to have
a look.

A sbus scsi/ether card - no obvious part number. A 424mb drive. 16mb of
Sun pn ram. Not bad for $5 and I plan to run 4.1.4 on it anyway. So I
drop in my 2 gb seagate at ID3, close it up, hook up ye ol sun monitor,
Type 4 Keyboard, Type 4 optical mouse and an external plextor CDROM set
to ID6, and flick the switch. Keyboard flashes, one beep, hear the hard
drive spinning up... nothing on the screen. Obviously not seeing
keyboard and bailing to serial A. Check connections - all seem good, but
the cable I have going from the keyboard to the IPX appears to be an
Apple din8 rather than Sun. Hmm...

So, is the keyboard cable just a straight through or is there a needed
Sun cable? If so, does anyone have one cheap? My terminal is currently
in storage and I can get to it tomorrow, but I thought I'd check with
the collected wisdom here first. 

Oh, and it came with copies of Solaris 2.3, 2.5 and a 2.5 updates disk.
I figure to use the 2.5 disk to prepare the system disk once I can see
whats going on - thanks for that suggestion!

Thanks in advance,

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