[rescue] Re: Indigo cpu boards

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Wed Sep 17 14:03:17 CDT 2003

I've got 28 of the 8mb simm's, 8-12 of the 4mb simms and 4 of the 2mb 
simms for the Indigo.  I also have a couple of spare R4000 cpu boards 
and a couple of spare R4400 boards.  The graphic card parts are 2-3 LG1 
(Entry), 1 XS8, 3-4 XS24z, 1-2 XZ24 and maybe even a spare Elan board.  
There is 6 R4000 (34a) power supplies, 5-6 R3000 power supplies, 3-4 
R3000 cpu boards (no ram), 12-14 backplanes. 

 I bought a whole pallet of Indigo's recently.  I will probably have 
some spare sleds soon.  Out of the lot, I decided to keep one  R3000 
XS24, three R4000, three R4400.  The rest were in such shabby shape that 
I parted them out.

I haven't completely inventoried everything yet.


>Oops....  I think I assumed Indigo 2... yet you were discussing Indigo...
>The Indigo R4K mainboard (HP2 ?) will take an Indigo 2 R4400SC150 processor
>(although the standoffs/screws are a different thread, but they could also
>be robbed from tne R4400SC150 Indigo 2 donor system).
>BTW, anyone got an extra R4K Indigo mainboard (not Indigo 2).  I have an
>R3K one here, and am contemplating a future upgrade if someone has a
>mainboard available.
>Also, anyone got any extra of the special SIMMS used in the R3K Indigo
>systems ???
>-- Curt


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